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Miss Kitty Parker

Miss Kitty Parker

PenARC PhD Student

I am currently undertaking a PhD assessing the methodological challenges faced by researcher’s conducting Cluster Randomised Trials in a school-based setting....

 Kerry  Pearn

Kerry Pearn

Associate Research Fellow

I joined PenCLAHRC in September 2014 to work within PenCHORD as an Operational Researcher. My key role is to apply...

Dr Mark Perry

Dr Mark Perry

Consultant Rheumatologist

As a Consultant Rheumatologist at Plymouth Healthcare NHS Trust, I seek to enable people with rheumatic disease to maximise...

Professor Martin Pitt

Professor Martin Pitt

Professor of Applied Healthcare Modelling and Data Science

I am Director of PenCHORD, a team of researchers within PenARC which has been effective in developing a range of...

 Anna  Price

Anna Price

Associate Research Fellow - CATCh-uS

I am currently an Associate Research Fellow for the CATCh-uS project – Children and Adolescents with ADHD in Transition from...