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Dr Julia Frost

Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research

Kath Maguire

Julia is a Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research in the Third Gap research group, University of Exeter.

She is currently working with PenARC as qualitative lead on two NIHR funded studies:

  • SAMUEL: Use of simulation and machine learning to identify key levers for maximising the disability benefit of intravenous thrombolysis in acute stroke pathways; and
  • PARTNERS2: collaborative care for people with severe mental illness.

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Contact by phone
01392 72 2970

Employed by
University of Exeter

Areas of expertise
Qualitative research


Diabetes Intervention for Agenda Trial (DIAT)

Supporting older people to manage their medicines: a scoping review of medicine self-management tools


A qualitative investigation of lay perspectives of diagnosis and self-management strategies employed by people with progressive multiple sclerosis

Does a simple web-based intervention facilitate the articulation of patients’ unvoiced agenda for a consultation with their diabetologists? A qualitative study

Home-based rehabilitation for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: Process evaluation of the REACH-HF multicentre randomised controlled trial

Behind the smile: qualitative study of caregivers' anguish and management responses while caring for someone living with heart failure

N of 1 trials and the optimal individualisation of drug treatments: a systematic review protocol

Antibiotic prescribing for actute respiratory tract infections in primary care: an updated and expanded meta-ethnography.

Antibiotic prescribing for actute respiratory tract infections in primary care: an updated and expanded meta-ethnography.

Caregiver outcomes of the REACH-HF multicentre randomized controlled trial of home-based rehabilitation for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

A pre-consultation web-based tool to generate an agenda for discussion in diabetes outpatient clinics to improve patient outcomes (DIAT): a feasibility study

Asking More of Qualitative Synthesis: A Response to Sally Thorne

Optimising self-care support for people with heart failure and their caregivers: development of the Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure (REACH-HF) intervention using intervention mapping

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