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Research and Projects

Treatment Resistant Depression

Who is involved?

Theme: CLAHRC - Mental Health & Dementia
Status: Complete

Aims and objectives:

  • Review and identify concept of treatment resistant depression.
  • Explore characteristics of patients with different life courses and outcomes of depression.

Current position:

Work has been underway to complete a report outlining the definition and characteristics of Treatment Resistant Depression. The study report has recently been submitted to a peer review journal. Professor David Richards and his team have successfully defined Treatment Resistant Depression as follows:

"Patients with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder who remain clinically depressed after two or more evidence-based treatments, which must include two different classes of antidepressants, where all treatments have been delivered at an adequate dose, adhered to by the patient for the recommeded duration for that treatment, and where non response is unrelated to substance abuse".

The team have developed a decision pathway for Treatment Resistant Depression.

Others Involved

International consensus group of 104 experts in depression treatment and research


Mood Disorders Centre
Lived Experience Group (PPI)
VU University Amsterdam