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Research and Projects

Shared Care

Who is involved?

Theme: CLAHRC - Evidence for Policy and Practice
Status: Complete

Project aims

This project had two main objectives:

1. To produce context-sensitive and theory-based generalisable explanations of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of shared care, and demonstrate the feasibility and value of realist approaches to explaining variations in the cost and cost-effectiveness of complex interventions

2. To develop, within PenCLAHRC, developed a critical mass of expertise in the application of realist methods of inquiry to the evaluation of complex interventions. Expertise has been developed through academic papers, conference presentations, and developing local networks with an interest in realist methods (the Realist Hive blog and discussion forum) and knowledge mobilisation (e.g. the LKD Blog).

Project outputs

Journal articles:

Conference presentations:

  • Cochrane Collaboration Colloquium, Quebec, Canada, September 2013:
  • Hunt H.,  Hardwick R.  An analysis of theory building in realist synthesis: perspectives from the literature.
  • 2014 HSRN Symposium, Nottingham, June 2014:
  • *Hardwick, R., Pearson, M., Byng, R., Anderson, R.  The effectiveness of shared care for long-term conditions: a realist review of what works, for whom, and in what circumstances
  • *Anderson, R., Hardwick, R., Pearson, M., Byng, R.,  Using realist review methods to understand the cost-effectiveness of models of service delivery: explaining shared care for long-term conditions.
  • CARES 1st International Conference for the Advancement of Realist Evaluation and Synthesis, Liverpool, October 2014:
  • *Hardwick, R.,  Anderson, R, Pearson, M., Byng, R.,. Vanquishing VICTORE?  Insights from a novel approach to mapping the complexity of shared care
  • Hardwick, R.. [Skill-building session]  What makes a 'good' supervisor or mentor for your realist review? And what to do if you don't think you've got one..! A PhD and Masters Student special workshop on influencing skills and upward management
  • Anderson, R. Charles, J, Hardwick, R., Marchal, B.  Realism and resources: reflections on using realist methodology to explore and explain costs and cost-effectiveness.

Future plans

Three peer-reviewed journal articles in preparation, based on the conference presentations and titles marked * above.

Others Involved

Dr Mark Pearson, Professor Richard Byng