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INTERPRESS-IPD: Inter-arm blood pressure difference, cardiovascular events, cerebrovascular disease and mortality: an Individual Patient Data meta-analysis

Who is involved?

Theme: CLAHRC - Diagnostics & Stratified Medicine
Status: Live


Inter-arm differences in blood pressure (IAD) are associated with increased cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in varied cohort studies.

INTERPRESS-IPD is an international collaboration to find out more about the link between IAD and mortality risk, by combining individual patient data (IPD) from IAD cohort studies into a single large dataset for IPD meta-analysis.

The project seeks to develop a new prognostic model for cardiovascular risk estimation that includes IAD, and to provide robust evidence on IAD to inform clinical care and future guidelines.

INTERPRESS-IPD is funded via the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit programme (PB-PG-0215-36009), and the PenCLAHRC Public Involvement Group (PenPIG) supported the funding bid. Find out more in the video above, or read our Exposure article.

Further information on INTERPRESS-IPD can be found on the University of Exeter Medical School website

Related projects

A previous PenCLAHRC-supported research project on hypertension helped to establish the prevalence of inter-arm blood pressure difference and its associations with peripheral vascular disease and reduced cardiovascular event-free survival. 

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Related publications

Clark CE, Taylor RS, Butcher I, Stewart MCW, Price J, Fowkes FGR, Shore AC, Campbell JL. Inter-arm blood pressure difference and mortality: a cohort study in an asymptomatic primary care population at elevated cardiovascular risk. British Journal of General Practice 2016; DOI: 10.3399/bjgp16X684949

Clark CE, Steele AM, Taylor RS, Shore AC, Ukoumunne OC, Campbell JL. Interarm blood pressure difference in people with diabetes: measurement and vascular and mortality implications: a cohort study. Diabetes Care 2014 Jun; 37(6): 1631-1620.

Clark CE. The interarm blood pressure difference: Do we know enough yet? Journal of Clinical Hypertension 2017.

Others Involved

Dr Chris Clark, Prof John Campbell – Principal Investigators. Dr Fiona Warren, Prof Rod Taylor, Tim Eames, Prof Victor Aboyans, Prof Lyne Cloutier, Prof Richard McManus, Prof Angela Shore - Co-applicants. Julie Chudley - Research Administrator.