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PenCHORD - The Zone Icebreak Personality Disorder Pathway Redesign

Who is involved?

Theme: PenCHORD
Status: Live


The Zone is a third sector organization in Plymouth that is commissioned to provide early intervention for young people experiencing emerging personality disorder. The Icebreak service provided by The Zone currently operates a single treatment pathway model which provides the same intervention to all clients. The Zone is currently redesigning the Icebreak treatment pathway with the aim of providing a more bespoke evidence based service for their clients.

The new system will provide different care pathways with varying lengths and types of treatment and care coordination. Understanding the impact of this dramatic system change on the resourcing for each aspect of the care pathway and the waiting times for patients will be crucial for future planning for The Zone.


1. Model the current system and its operation

2. Model the proposed system to study its impact on patient waiting times and resource requirements for undertaking multiple treatment options.


Project Activity 

The data analysis for the project has been completed and a model has been constructed of the system as it currently functions. The next stage will be to create a model of the proposed redesign, and test all of the possible combinations of patients going into each treatment pathway. The impact of the new design on the overall waiting list will also be studied.


Anticipated Outputs

1. The estimated impact of the proposed changes on waiting times.

2. Estimates of the complete treatment resources required to facilitate the new pathway given any patient case mix.


Anticipated Impact

This project will be used for dynamic resource planning over time as the number of patients in each treatment pathway changes and ensure waiting list numbers and length of time are minimised.

To read more about the Icebreak project, please visit The Zone website


Jo Campbell – Icebreak Clinical Team Leader (The Zone)
Rachel Cruise – Operations Director (The Zone)
Jessica Potter – Icebreak Team Member (The Zone)