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ExPERT - Exeter Policing, Evidence and Research Translation

Theme: CLAHRC - Evidence for Policy and Practice
Status: Complete

View a multi-media introduction to the ExPERT project

ExPERT stands for Exeter Policing, Evidence and Research Translation. The study involves staff from PenCLAHRC, the University of Exeter’s Criminology department and Devon and Cornwall Police force, and is part of the work of the Policing and Evidence Group at the University of Exeter. 

Project aims

The aim of this work is to look at the dissemination and implementation of research knowledge within policing – what implementation strategies have been shown to be effective, and what are the facilitators/barriers to getting this kind of information shared and used in policing practice?

Taking lessons learned from evidence-based practice in medicine, the project is applying these to the police. By fostering a long term relationship between all partners, it is helping to create a sustainable training programme and meaningful research collaborations.

Visit the ExPERT website or watch the short video below to find out more about the ExPERT project:

Project activity

Evidence workshops

A comprehensive series of workshops are developing the skills of frontline police officers and staff, helping them to build their knowledge of what works in crime reduction and giving them the tools to put this into practice. These sessions want to catalyse initiatives that are based on evidence and provide staff with the skills to evaluate these effectively.

Secondments to exchange skills and knowledge

Truly reciprocal in nature, ExPERT is also allowing the police to give researchers unprecedented insight and access to their most pressing issues. A number of secondments are offering criminology students the opportunity to work with the police on vital analyses, whilst police staff are spending time at the University to help solve specific problems.

Project generation

Cementing the longevity of ExPERT’s goals, Project Generation Forums have been convened to allow the police, academics and members of the community to identify future areas of research. These ideas are being expanded into proposals that will be submitted for further funding and life beyond the current project.

Systematic reviews

Underpinning the whole initiative are systematic reviews of the existing literature, focusing on specific issues in practical policing, carried out by PenCLAHRC's Implementation Science Group. These will show what works, what barriers exist, and provide clues on how to put evidence into practice effectively.

Find out more

View a brief multi-media case study, or watch short video introductions to each area of activity on the ExPERT website. Visit the Policing and Evidence Group pages for more information on their project work. 

ExPERT is supported by the College of Policing, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Home Office under a grant from the Police Knowledge Fund.

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