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Developing methods for the overarching synthesis of quantitative and qualitative evidence: the interweave synthesis approach

Theme: ARC - Methods for Research & Improvement
Status: Live


Over the last five years, we have completed a number of evidence synthesis projects consisting of multiple linked reviews of quantitative and qualitative evidence.  In each case, we were keen to incorporate the findings from the individual reviews into a single synthesis with the aim of making them more worthwhile, useful and insightful.  Methodological guidance for mixed-methods synthesis continues to emerge and evolve but broadly involves a sequential, parallel or convergent approach according to the degree of independence between individual syntheses before they are combined.  We found that existing guidance whilst useful wasn’t directly applicable to any of our specific synthesis circumstances. 



We have therefore been working on developing methods for the overarching synthesis of quantitative and qualitative evidence.  Underlying our approach is the process of exploration and identification of links between and across review findings; an approach that is fundamental to all evidence syntheses but usually occurs at the level of the study.


Project outputs

This poster was presented at Cochrane Colloquium Santiago in October 2019.


Further information

More details of the individual projects can be found on the relevant project pages:



Caring About Care


Dr Darren Moore - Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter 
Professor G.J. Melendez-Torres - Clinical and Social Epidemiology, University of Exeter