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Below you can find a selection of the PPI team's publications in journals, books and at conference. Current and former PPI Team authors highlighted in bold, PenPIG authors are underlined.

The papers below are PPI-specific publications; for a full list of PenARC publications, visit the PenARC Publications Database.



Goodwin E, Boddy K, Tatnell L, Hawton A (2018). Involving Members of the Public in Health Economics Research: Insights from Selecting Health States for Valuation to Estimate Quality-Adjusted Life-Year (QALY) Weights. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 16(2): 187-194

Frost J, Gibson A, Harris-Golesworthy F, Harris J, Britten N (2018). Patient involvement in qualitative data analysis in a trial of a patient-centred intervention: Reconciling lay knowledge and scientific method. Health Expectations.  In press

Liabo K, Boddy K, Burchmore H, Cockcroft E, Britten N (2018). Clarifying the roles of patients in research. BMJ 361: k1463

Maguire K, Britten N (2018). 'You're there because you are unprofessional': patient and public involvement as liminal knowledge spaces. Sociol Health Illn 40(3):463-477


Liabo K, Ingold A, Roberts H (2017). Co-production with "vulnerable" groups: Balancing protection and participation. Health Science Reports 1(3)

Goodwin E, Boddy K, Tatnell L, Hawton A (2017).  Involving Members of the Public in Health Economics Research: Insights from Selecting Health States for Valuation to Estimate Quality-Adjusted Life-Year (QALY) Weights, Appl Health Econ Health Policy 16(2):187-194

Ukoumunne O, Vaidya B, Frost J, Anderson R, Argyle C, Daly M, Harris-Golesworthy F, Harris J, Gibson A, Ingram W, Pinkney J, Vickery J, Britten N (2017). A pre-consultation web-based tool to generate an agenda for discussion in diabetes outpatient clinics to improve patient outcomes (DIAT): a feasibility study. BMJ Open 7(3)

Gibson A,  Welsman J,  Britten N (2017). Evaluating patient and public involvement in health research: from theoretical model to practical workshop. Health Expectations 20(5):826–835

Boddy K, Cowan K, Gibson A, Britten N (2017). Does funded research reflect the priorities of people living with type 1 diabetes? A secondary analysis of research questions. BMJ Open 7(9) 

Maguire K, Britten N (2017). “How can anybody be representative for those kind of people?” Forms of patient representation in health research, and why it is always contestable. Social Science & Medicine 183:62-69


Rogers M, Bethel A, Boddy K (2016). Development and testing of a medline search filter for identifying patient and public involvement in health research. Health Info Libr J 34(4): 125-133

Liabo K, McKenna C, Ingold A, Roberts H. (2016) Leaving foster and residential care: a participatory study of care leavers’ experiences of health and social care transitions. Child: care, health and development 43(2):182-191

Liabo K. (2016) Care leavers’ involvement in research: An ethnographic case study on impact. Qualitative Social Work 17(1)

Britten N, Maguire K (2016). Lay knowledge, social movements and the use of medicines: Personal reflections. Health 20(2):77-93


Reeve J, Dickenson M, Harris J, Ranson E, Dohnhammar U, Cooper  L, Krska J, Byng R, Britten N (2015). Solutions to problematic polypharmacy: learning from the expertise of patients. British Journal of General Practice 65(635):319-320

Bailey S, Boddy K , Briscoe S and Morris C (2015) Involving disabled children and young people as partners in research: a systematic review. Child: Care, Health & Development 41(4):505–514 

Gibson A, Boddy K, Maguire K, Britten N, et al. (2015) Exploring the impact of providing evidence-based medicine training to service users. Research Involvement and Engagement 

Liabo K, Rees R and Stewart R. (2015) Public involvement in research: Making sense of the diversityJournal of Health Services Research & Policy 20(1):45-51


Britten N, Denford S, Harris-Golesworthy F, Jibson S, Pyart N, Stein K (2014). Patient involvement in drug licensing: a case study. Social Science and Medicine 131:289-296

Ashurst EJ, Jones RB, Abraham C, Jenner M, Boddy K, Besser RE, Hammersley S, Pinkney J (2014). The Diabetes App Challenge: User-Led Development and Piloting of Internet Applications Enabling Young People With Diabetes to Set the Focus for Their Diabetes Consultations. Med 2.0 3(2):e5

Snape D, Kirkham J, Britten N, Froggatt K, Gradinger F, Lobban F, Popay J, Wyatt K, Jacoby A. (2014) Exploring perceived barriers, drivers, impacts and the need for evaluation of public involvement in health and social care research: a modified Delphi studyBMJ Open 

Rycroft-Malone J,  Anderson R, Crane R S, Gibson A, Gradinger F, Owen Griffiths H, Mercer S, and Kuyken W (2014). Accessibility and implementation in UK services of an effective depression relapse prevention programme – mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT): ASPIRE study protocolImplementation Science 

Snape D, Kirkham J, Preston J, Popay J, Britten N, Collins M, Froggatt K, Gibson A, Lobban F, Wyatt K, Jacoby A (2014). Exploring areas of consensus and conflict around values underpinning public involvement in health and social care research: a modified Delphi studyBMJ Open 4(1)

Welsman J, Gibson A, Heaton J, Britten N (2014). Involving patients and the public in healthcare operational research. BMJ 


Whear R, Abdul-Rahman AK, Thompson-Coon J, Boddy K, Perry MG, Stein K (2013). Patient initiated clinics for patients with chronic or recurrent conditions managed in secondary care: a systematic review of patient reported outcomes and patient and clinician satisfaction. BMC Health Services Research 13:501

Whear R, Abdul-Rahman AK, Boddy K, Thompson-Coon J, Perry M, Stein K (2013). The clinical effectiveness of patient initiated clinics for patients with chronic or recurrent conditions managed in secondary care: a systematic review. PloS one 8(10) 

Pearson M, Monks T,  Gibson  A,  Allen  M,  Komashieb A,  Fordyce A,  Harris-Golesworthy F, Pitt M,  Brailsford S, Stein K (2013).  Involving patients and the public in healthcare Operational Research - the challenges and opportunitiesOperations Research for Health Care 2(4):86–89 

Gradinger F, Britten N, Wyatt K, Froggatt K, Gibson A, Jacoby A, Lobban F, Mayes D,  Snape D, Rawcliffe D, Popay J (2013). Values associated with public involvement in health and social care research: a narrative review. Health Expectations Online 18(5) 661-675

Frost J, Anderson R, Argyle C,  Daly M, Harris-Golesworthy F, Harris J, Gibson A, Ingram W,  Pinkney J, Ukoumunne O, Vaidya B, Vickery J, Britten N (2013). A pilot randomised controlled trial of a preconsultation web-based intervention to improve the care quality and clinical outcomes of diabetes outpatients (DIAT)BMJ Open 3(7) 


Whear R, Thompson-Coon J, Boddy K, Papworth H, Frier J, Stein K (2012). Establishing local priorities for a health research agenda. Health Expectations 

Stewart R, Liabo K (2012). Involvement in research without compromising research quality. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy 17(4):248-51

Uhm S, Liabo K, Stewart R, Rees R, Oliver S (2012). Patient and public perspectives shaping scientific and medical research: panels for data, discussions and decisions. Journal of Patient Intelligence 4:1-10. 

Liabo K (2012) Service user involvement in research: Collaborating on a systematic review with young people who have experience of being in care. PhD thesis. London: Institute of Education

Gibson A, Britten N, Lynch J (2012). Theoretical Directions for an Emancipatory Concept of Patient and Public Involvement. Sage Journels 16(5)   /  (You may require a subscription to access this article) [link to poster]


Gibson A, Lewando-Hundt G, Blaxter L (2011). Weak and Strong Publics: Drawing on Nancy Fraser to Explore Parental Participation in Neonatal Networks. Health Expectations 

Edwards V, Wyatt K,  Logan S, Britten N (2011). Consulting parents about the design of a randomised controlled trial of osteopathy for children with cerebral palsy. Health Expectations 14(4):429-438

Wyatt K, Edwards V,  Franck L, Britten N, Creanor S, Maddick A, Logan S (2011). Cranial osteopathy for children with cerebral palsy: a randomised controlled trial. Archives of Disease in Childhood; 96(6): 505-512


Curtis K, Liabo K, Roberts H, Barker M (2004). Consulted but not heard: A qualitative study of young people’s views of their local health service. Health Expectations 7(2):149-56 


Book Chapters

Purtell R, and Gibson A, (2012) How to make health and social care research radical and really, really useful. Book chapter in Long-term conditions: challenges in health and social care (editors Heller T.D, and Lloyd C.) Sage, London, pp69-79.

Staniszewska, S., Mockford, C., Gibson, A,. Herron-Marx, S., and Putz, P. (2012) Moving forward: Understanding the negative impacts of patient and public involvement in health service planning, development and evaluation. Book chapter in Critical perspectives on user involvement. (eds P Cotterill and Barnes M) Policy Press, Bristol, pp129-141



Maguire K., Jones E., Williams-Yesson B., Stevens S.(2014) Valuing patient and public involvement in research. Nursing Times 110: 45, 22-23.

Maguire K (2014) Putting the horse before the cart: an agenda for public engagement. INVOLVE Autumn 2014 Newsletter.

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