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'At the top of the league table': Professor Stuart Logan on NHS priorities

Posted on May 4th 2018
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'At the top of the league table': Professor Stuart Logan on NHS priorities

PenCLAHRC Director, Professor Stuart Logan, has spoken to BBC Radio Devon about the problems behind lengthy wait times for non-urgent NHS operations.

Many NHS patients who require non-urgent surgery are finding that they are faced with longer and longer waiting lists. Over 300 people in the South West have now been waiting for treatment for over 12 months.  

In conversation with Janet Kipling on BBC Radio Devon, Stuart notes that this is because the NHS is under heavy strain as demand for resource increases.

“Fundamentally we just don’t have the kind of resources to be able to deliver the kind of health care that people...

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A pioneering simulation project slashes waiting times in Devon

Posted on May 19th 2016
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PenCHORD team working

PenCLAHRC’s Operational Research team PenCHORD, have recently teamed up with the Devon Partnership Trust in order to reduce waiting times for mental health assessments.

The Trust wanted to change the way patients were booked into specialist assessment centres across Devon by introducing a new ‘Choose and Book’ system, allowing patients to select the preferred location of their appointment.

Before launching the new system blindly, the Trust teamed up with PenCHORD to help them validate and improve the proposed new system before it was officially rolled out. The PenCHORD team were able to create a detailed simulation of the referral and assessment pathways...

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