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Self-harm in schools collaboration reveals need for new training and interventions

Posted on May 24th 2017
in PenCLAHRC people, Project update

Self-harm in schools collaboration reveals need for new training and interventions

A GW4-funded collaboration between researchers from PenCLAHRC and GW4 universities has revealed gaps in provision for dealing with self-harm in secondary schools.

Staff from 153 schools in Wales and South-West England took part in a survey consultation to gather information on schools’ experience of students who self-harm, including self-harm provisions and barriers to addressing self-harm. This was followed by focus groups in eight schools to explore these issues in more depth.

The survey revealed that schools do not have a common or unified approach towards dealing with self-harm, but instead employ a variety of ad-hoc strategies including applying first aid and informing their safeguarding...

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Study indicates first steps towards preventing suicide attempts by offenders

Posted on August 10th 2015
in Project update

Man with hood up sits on wall

Suicide among prison offenders is common and the risk of suicide for male offenders leaving prison is eight times the national average, with over a quarter of fatal suicide attempts happening within the first four weeks of release. While the risk of suicide by offenders in prison has been identified as a priority for action, understanding and preventing suicides among offenders after their release has received far less attention.  

However, a new study conducted by Plymouth Medical School and supported by the NIHR and PenCLAHRC, has addressed this issue, identifying the need for a support system to help prevent suicide...

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