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Pressures on the NHS - The answers are out there

Posted on January 22nd 2017
in PenCLAHRC people, Project update

Pressures on the NHS - The answers are out there

Professor Jonathan Pinkney from the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and lead researcher on the PenCLAHRC funded Avoidable Acute Admissions (AAA) project, talks about the current winter crisis in hospitals.

With our hospitals on high levels of alert and seemingly insurmountable pressures on the rest of the NHS and social care networks, now more than ever before, the question is being asked: “what next for our NHS?”

In recent months, an increasing number of hospitals have been put on level five alerts as pressures from emergency admissions have serious repercussions for bed occupancy and planned (elective) treatments.

The issues faced...

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