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Research collaboration leads “rapid response” data analysis to aid NHS during COVID-19 epidemic

Posted on April 29th 2020
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Operating theatre

A collaboration between PenARC and University of Exeter Researchers and the NHS has developed a crucial new tool to ensure health trusts maintain sufficient levels of life-saving equipment and bed spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The research team, led by Professor Gavin Shaddick from the University of Exeter, in collaboration with PenCHORD and PenARC colleagues, has developed a new data modelling tool to help forecast demand on crucial NHS resources in the region.

The forecasts have been used to help predict the demand for in-patient beds, intensive care, PPE, ventilators, oxygen and testing kits. Crucially, it has also incorporated not only predicted hospital staffing requirements, but also...

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COVID-19 Update Newsletter available now

Posted on April 28th 2020
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Covid-19 text with image of virus

Our latest newsletter, with news of how we are responding to the Covid-19 crisis, plus an invitation to get in touch to let us know how we can support health and social care and our local communities, is out now.

April 2020 COVID-19 Update PenARC Matters Newsletter

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Five tips from project to support people with dementia and carers in COVID-19 lockdown

Posted on April 27th 2020
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Older woman with daughter

Five tips from project to support people with dementia and carers in COVID-19 lockdown

New guidance has been developed as part of a major project to support people with dementia and family carers who are facing isolation and reduced services as a result of COVID-19.

A new leaflet features five simple tips, developed using the latest robust research and with the input of people affected by dementia. The leaflet is part-funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), in a project led by the University of Exeter and the NIHR Older People and Frailty Policy Research Unit, with partners including...

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