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Publication of findings from the National Survey of Local NHS Innovation and Research Needs

Posted on May 20th 2019

The AHSN Network, NHS England and the NIHR commissioned ComRes to conduct a survey that would provide a detailed understanding of the innovation and research needs at local level across all AHSNs. The findings of this project were used to produce an initial statement of innovation and research needs in each AHSN area - one of the actions in the NHS England and NIHR joint paper on ‘12 actions to support research in the NHS’

These statements, alongside the regional and national report findings, will be used to facilitate further discussions at regional level, involving patients and the public and the research community, to develop and refine the priorities highlighted. Each AHSN region will publish a statement of local innovation and research needs, please find the initial statement for the South West of England.

The national report is available on the AHSNs website.

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