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PenCHORDs research helps Cornwall’s health and social care plan

Posted on October 19th 2018

There is a national plan to improve the way people recieve urgent help and care, for conditions that are serious but not life threatening, such as broken bones, burns, sprains and strains. Cornwall will the first county to experience these changes, and three sites have been highlighted as key areas for new urgent care centres. 

This plan has been shaped by research that was undertaken by PenCHORD, who provided evidence through mathematical geographical modelling to inform decisions about where to best locate care services.

The urgent care centres will be located in Bodmin, Truro and West Cornwall. Each centre will enhance and support Cornwall’s existing 25 GP surgeries which already provide a minor injury service, and eight minor injury units. Each centre will be run by team of doctors, nurses and clinicians who will work collaboratively to ensure patients receive the best care possible, with particular focus on supporting older people with complex needs that do not need to stay in hospital.

These urgent care centres are part of a local and national drive to keep emergency departments accessible and free to those who require help. It will enhance the way people receive care and help for serious, but not life threatening conditions.

Each centre is in close proximity to pharmacies which are open from early morning through to the late evening. This will enhance the care system as pharmacies provide minor aliment services, reducing the quantity of people going to the emergency department, when they could in fact go somewhere else and receive the same care.

Dr Dan Chalk, who led the PenCHORD project said, "This project is a key example of how mathematical modelling and computer simulation methods can help inform decision making, and ensure that service provision meets the needs of patients.  Our work here has fed directly into the Cornwall Sustainability and Transformation Plan, and will help to ensure that urgent care services in Cornwall remain sustainable and effective for the future."

To find out more about PenCHORDs work on the project visit the project page

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