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PenCLAHRC training puts evidence into practice

Posted on October 13th 2016

A series of courses designed and run by PenCLAHRC are helping to put evidence at the heart of an organisation’s decision-making process.

Designed to empower NHS staff to use the latest developments in research, guidance and technology, the training is delivered by the CLAHRC’s experts in operational modelling, PenCHORD.

In an effort to give healthcare managers experience in computer simulation, PenCHORD recently ran a session attended by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT).

Hannah Trebilcock, a Clinical Audit Officer at SWASFT, was one of those in attendance who was quickly able to put her new skills into practice.

Back at base and in response to a proposed change in services, Hannah was able to create a detailed computer model of the regional trauma system - and a patient’s journey through it.

With ongoing guidance from PenCLAHRC, she was able to explore what would happen to ambulance journey times and admission rates at different hospitals, and examine several different scenarios.

Hannah’s findings provided important evidence for the impacts of different service configurations and gave the Clinical Commissioning Group a vital insight into the effects their proposed changes might have.

Dave Boyle, Clinical Development Officer at SWASFT, believes Hannah’s training has been central to the team’s ability to make robust recommendations, he said:

The information we were able to present was clear, simple to understand and easy to explain. It allowed us to make an evidence-based decision - rather than a best guess - and gave us confidence in our proposal. I’d strongly advise anyone involved in decision-making to make the most of this fantastic approach.”

Full details of this story are available here, or click here to find out more about PenCLAHRC training

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