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Involving patients and the public in PenCLAHRC research

Posted on May 9th 2016

Conducting research that is relevant to the concerns and needs of patients and the public is a key part of what PenCLAHRC does. Our renowned Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Team use innovative methods to ensure meaningful patient and public involvement and engagement is embedded in everything we do.

Key to our PPI success is the Peninsula Patient and Public Involvement Group (PenPIG) who have been working alongside PenCLAHRC since 2009 to maximise the benefits of health research and ensure it maintains relevance to the patient. The group is made up of a diverse selection of volunteers, with many having personal first-hand experience of the medical system, with much of the group made up of carers and service users.

The group meet on a regular basis to discuss various projects and dissemination work carried out PenCLAHRC. Much of the groups work is focused around the running of PenCLAHRC, including advising on projects, presenting at conferences and helping to recruit new staff. By having the PenPIG group involved, PenCLAHRC are able to ensure that all projects remain relevant and keep the benefit to the patient at the heart of all project work.

The influence the PenPIG group can have on a project was recently highlighted when the group successfully worked on a project proposal and helped it secure funding. The INTERPRESS project, will examine the differences in blood pressure some people can experience between arms. The project will assess the health implications for people with a high blood pressure difference and attempt to establish a ‘safe’ level by using complicated statistical techniques. The complex nature of the project meant that the PenPIG group were called upon to help explain to a lay audience how the project would work and how its findings might be disseminated.  

You can watch a short video about the work carried out by the PenPIG team, and their involvement in the INTERPRESS project, below. You can also read more on our Exposure page.


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