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PenCHORD building international research collaborations

Posted on February 25th 2016

PenCLAHRC’s operational research group, PenCHORD, has been awarded funding to help them build links with international research partners.

The funding will enable the team to invite overseas researchers to visit and explore the possibilities for future projects and publications. It will also be used to engage with research abroad in similar research areas. The funding is provided by the University of Exeter Medical School’s Internationalisation Fund and is available until July 2016 and will be used to support collaborative meetings.

PenCHORD Director, Professor Martin Pitt, and Associate Research Fellow Dr Sebastian Rachuba, have well-established links to a number of overseas researchers through their membership in the European group Operational Research Applied to Health Services (ORAHS). This initiative provides an ideal basis to explore the similarities and differences in the approaches to operational research used in different countries.

PenCHORD are now in the process of developing new contacts and strengthening existing links with researchers in Germany. The team will be inviting international researchers to visit them in Devon and also visiting colleagues overseas. These visits will enable both PenCHORD and the visiting researchers to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Early collaborative work has seen Dr Rachuba attend a workshop on Healthcare Management in Greifswald, Germany organised by the German Operational Research Society. The meeting brought together researchers and clinicians from across Germany, Austria and the UK. Sebastian presented on PenCHORD’s recently completed project on diagnostic pathways in emergency departments. It was a well-received opportunity to showcase PenCHORD’s work and facilitated discussions about how to best implement research findings into practice.

The next stages of the collaboration will see PenCHORD hosting visits from, Professor Stefan Nickel, Editor-in-Chief of the Operational Research for Health Care journal, and Professor Brigitte Werners, former chair of the German Operational Research Society, to explore how to apply operational research to decision-making in healthcare.










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