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Police and University join forces to harness research potential

Posted on August 20th 2015
in PenCLAHRC people, Research Funding

Police and University join forces to harness research potential

A new research project will unite police and researchers to increase evidence-based knowledge, skills and problem solving approaches within policing.

A team from the University of Exeter, including PenCLAHRC's Dr Iain Lang and Dr Mark Pearson, have secured nearly £250,000 from the Police Knowledge Fund to foster stronger collaboration between the police force and researchers, ensuring practices are rooted in the best evidence of what is effective. The team will help police find and use information to ensure the best outcomes for the police and public are achieved.

Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg said of the project:

“This is...

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New research into the transition of young people with ADHD into adult services

Posted on August 17th 2015
in Research Funding

Children talking in classroom

In the UK, it is estimated that more than 500,000 children under the age of 18, suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Characterised by a lack of attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, ADHD can cause academic impairment, social dysfunction and low self-esteem.

Professor Tamsin Ford has been awarded an NIHR grant of £800,000 to conduct research to help people suffering with ADHD transitition from child services to adult services. The project plans to explore the current options for young people with ADHD when they are too old to stay within children’s services.

ADHD is generally seen as a developmental disorder in children,...

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Study indicates first steps towards preventing suicide attempts by offenders

Posted on August 10th 2015
in Project update

Man with hood up sits on wall

Suicide among prison offenders is common and the risk of suicide for male offenders leaving prison is eight times the national average, with over a quarter of fatal suicide attempts happening within the first four weeks of release. While the risk of suicide by offenders in prison has been identified as a priority for action, understanding and preventing suicides among offenders after their release has received far less attention.  

However, a new study conducted by Plymouth Medical School and supported by the NIHR and PenCLAHRC, has addressed this issue, identifying the need for a support system to help prevent suicide...

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