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Volunteers needed for stroke rehabilitation study

Posted on July 23rd 2015
in Project update

Volunteers needed for stroke rehabilitation study

A new research study is investigating the effectiveness of a community-based rehabilitation training programme for people who have suffered a stroke.  The training programme is called ReTrain, and the researchers are looking for volunteers in Devon to take part in the study.

Volunteers need to have suffered a stroke and been discharged for longer than one month following NHS stroke rehabilitation. They also need to have experienced difficulty managing stairs, slopes and uneven surfaces. The study is taking place at sites in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

The research study is supported by PenCLAHRC and the Stroke Association. ReTrain came about following an...

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PenCLAHRC dementia education principles set standard for national education

Posted on July 21st 2015
in Project update

Image of lecture hall

A set of standards and criteria for dementia education, developed by a team at PenCLAHRC, are being rolled out to all educational courses for health professionals across England.

The National Dementia Strategy, ‘Living Well With Dementia', was launched by the Government in 2009 with the aim of developing better services for people with dementia and their carers, particularly across three key areas of awareness, diagnosis and intervention, and high quality care.

One strand of this strategy aims to create an informed and effective workforce for people with dementia to ensure that all health and social care staff involved in the care of...

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Patient volunteers needed for GP exercise referral study

Posted on July 15th 2015
in Project update

Person on exercise bike

Patients with common physical and mental health conditions are being sought by researchers to participate in a trial, which will investigate whether adding a web-based coaching system to the GP exercise referral scheme would lead to an increased uptake of the programme and improve long-term health.

The exercise referral scheme is an established method used by GPs to prescribe exercise to patients with existing medical conditions such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis or a history of depression. Evidence suggests that exercise is both physically and mentally beneficial for a patient, but that rates of uptake and ongoing engagement may...

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Simple classroom measures may reduce the impact of ADHD on children

Posted on July 1st 2015
in PenCLAHRC people, Project update

Children working together

New research indicates that children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be successfully supported in classrooms through strategies that do not involve drugs. A systematic review of research, led by the University of Exeter Medical School and supported by PenCLAHRC, has found that non-drug interventions in schools may be effective in improving outcomes, such as performance in standard tests, for children with ADHD.

Children with ADHD are typically restless, act without thinking and struggle to concentrate, which causes particular problems for them and for others in school. There are many different  ways of supporting these children, including training to increase...

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